We, Indians, since ancient times, have been used to eating something sweet to celebrate happiness. Be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a promotion, there is no meaning to the merry occasion and achievement without treating your taste buds with sweets. Such is the culture of our country. The whole concept of ‘food’ is incomplete without sweets.

Located in one of the most posh and popular places in Mumbai, we at Colaba Sweet Mart understand what it means to delight somebody just by taking one look at the sweets served by us to our foodie-goody customers. The excellent quality sweets and snacks served by us are surely a treat, a delicacy to offer. Right from rich dry fruits sweets like kaju katli, pista roll and anjeer katli, milk sweets like rose barfi, basundi and rabdi, to hot and fresh gulab jamun and halwa, we are more than happy to put an end to the sweet-tooth cravings of our customers. For all our health and diet conscious patrons, we offer sugar-free sweets like rasgulla, anjeer pak and sohan papdi among others. Mawa barfis, and pedas are an all time favorite, and they are made all the more deliciously at the best sweet shop in the city.

As children, we were always given healthy and nutritious food to eat. We were taught never to compromise on our health, for it is our health that adds charm and value to our existence on earth. At Colaba Sweet Mart, we strongly believe in the concepts of good quality food, and top class customer service. It is a treat in itself-the sweets, snacks, farsaan, everything is so fresh and attractive that you surely cannot stop yourself from placing an order. Go ahead, and treat your taste buds. It is time you hear to the cries of your body for some sugary, sweet, appetizing food.

One of the major attractions that make us the first place to visit when looking for top sweet shops is the Bengali sweets served by us. From ras malai, kesar wati, surya mukhi, kheer kadam to chamcham, we bring the authentic and traditional feel of Bengali sweets right within your reach. It will be unfair on our side to miss out on ladus when talking about sweets! Moti chur ladu, til ladu, besan ladu…and the list goes on and on.

Apart from sweets, we also serve hot snacks like cutlet, vada, kachori, to a variety of samosas like Chinese samosa, cocktail samosa, kanda poha samosa, and green pea’s samosa. Dhoklas and khakhras which are very much relished by each and every Mumbaiite, as well as every Indian are made best at the top sweet shop in the city. If you have kids who are fond of some yummy, tasty food, you have one more strong reason to enter our shop-the best quality farsaan and wafers served by us. Also cookies like pista badam cookies, fruit nut cookies, kesar pista cookies, to chocolate cookies; we flatter ourselves by pampering your taste buds.

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